History and Influence of House Music

House music was made in the 1980s from DJs altering disco songs by giving them a mechanical beat and heavier basslines. The pioneers of house music include Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Jesse Saunders, and many more hailing from Chicago. From its start in Chicago it spread across the world. Another integral city in the development […]

Row Through the Times: The History of Record Row

Thesis: Record Row produced sounds of African American to be heard by groups across a broad range of races.   Record Row was a stretched avenue in Chicago crowded with restaurants, clubs, and record labels.  It emitted the sounds of jazz, gospel, soul, blues, and R&B.  Two of the most successful labels on the avenue […]

Can’t Hide Love For This Performance: The Elements and Chicago

After viewing the Earth, Wind, & Fire (EWF) AND Chicago Concert, my love for their music and the way it makes feel when I hear it grew even more.  As a child, I grew up listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire and always loved their music.  It amazes me how universal their music is which […]

Jazz: From Ragtime to Riches

“America’s Classical Music” or “African-American Classical Music” is what this genre has been dubbed.  Jazz is widely regarded at the pinnacle of African-American music in the twentieth century. Defined by its “hallmarks of improvisation, syncopation, a rhythmic pulse known as swing, blues feeling, and harmonic complexity”, Jazz is unlike any other African-American musical genre. Many […]