Chess Records

Chess recorded, located in Chicago and founded in 1950, captured and shaped a new style of American music that was heavily shaped by the South. Chess would go on to influence rock and roll pioneers such as Chuck Berry to the Rolling Stones, becoming synonymous with the American rhythm and blues. /*! elementor – v3.8.0 […]

The Blues-The Exploration of the Black Woman with Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey 1886-1939 Ma Rainey, the “Mother of Blues” Ma Rainey was a Blues singer who was active from the years 1899-1939. She was a prominent figure amongst the Black music industry as she was known as “The Mother of Blues”. Ma Rainey’s voice carried a unique and deep tone. Her music was thought of […]

Black + Blues

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The Blues ( By Tyria Gilmore)

Thesis  I believe Bessie Smith was the most impactful blues artist because not only because of her gender but her music as well. Bessie Smith Had the most powerful voice in blues which shaped Blues because at first artist were singing about poverty but she caused a transition from that. That transition was positive in […]

Ma Rainey: Mother Of Blues

Born Gertrude Pridgett, Ma Rainey influenced the blues genre for a number of generations. From her abilities to put on an outstanding performance to her songs referencing sexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality, Ma Rainey, the gold neck woman of the blues, was not only a trailblazer for blues artist but social movements as well. Gertrude Pridgett […]

Bessie Smith

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Black Women and the Blues

By: Autumn Johnson The Blues is a genre of nonreligious folk music, created by African Americans, where singers express their feelings and emotions. Black women within the Blues genre are continuously inspiring each other and connecting with their audiences because of all of the pain Black women go through in America. Ma Rainey was a […]

The Blues Lifestyle

The Blues Lifestyle When thinking of blues music you instantly think of sadness, struggle, and storytelling. The sad reality of what it was like to be an African American in the south during the 1860’s was a major part of blues, and made it what it is today. Blues started gaining popularity in the early […]

Iconic Women of the Blues and their Impact on the Genre

Iconic Women of the Blues and their Impact on the Genre The Blues genre originated in the 1890s in the American Deep South, specifically in the Mississippi Delta. It has since become described by four distinctive characteristics: blues texts (the lyrics), instrumentation, blue notes, and blues form. The blues are also typically sung solo with […]

The Power of Black Women in Blues

Three Great Blues Singers                  Bessie Smith                              Mamie Smith                                    Ma Rainey Black women stole the show when […]

If “Put Some Respect on My Name” Were a Person It Would Be Ma Rainey

If “Put Some Respect on My Name” Were a Person It Would Be Ma Rainey Blues Overview History of the Blues By the end of the 1910s, the new kind of music that formed throughout Southern communities was referred to as the blues. The genre of blues was not a new concept, it was a […]

Ma Sings the Blues: The Mother of Blues

“They hear it come out, but they don’t know how it got there. They don’t understand that’s life’s way of talking. You don’t sing to feel better. You sing ’cause that’s a way of understanding life.” ~ Ma Rainey       Blues is the core to American music. Every genre following the creation of […]

Howlin’ Wolf

Life Before His Music Career Howlin’ Wolf was a Blues musician who was inspired by other Blues artist’s before him,  was known for his hooting and hollering sounds, and has inspired a generation of rock artists. He was born Chester Arthur Burnett on June 10 1910 in White Station, Mississippi. He was the son of […]

Blues, Bends, and Bisexuality: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey

WHO WAS “MA RAINEY”? Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, known as the “Mother of the Blues”, was the first entertainer to successfully bridge the divide between vaudeville — the cabaret-style shows from the mid-1800s, catering largely to white audiences — and the black Southern folk style (Russonello). Ma Rainey was born Gertrude Pridgett, the second of five […]


Blues music was known to break down the stereotypes of Black people and play a role in the fight for justice and equality during the Jim Crow and racial segregation period of time. Historically, blues music was sung solo by a male artist that play instruments like the piano or the guitar. In the instance […]

Let’s Move To Some Blues!

Let’s Talk Some Blues! Blues, secular folk music, was created by African Americans in the early 20th century. The simple but expressive forms of the blues emerged in the 1960s and was one of the most important influences on the development of popular music throughout the United States. Blues songs are lyrical rather than narrative […]

The Mannish Boy: Muddy Waters

The Mannish Boy: Muddy Waters Intro/background      McKinley Morganfield, better known as “Muddy Waters” is one of the most famous and influential blues musicians of all time. Muddy Waters was born April 4 1913 in Issaquena County, Mississippi but claimed Rolling Fork as his birthplace. Muddy Waters got his name from when he was […]

Known to be the Best Artists of Her Time: Bessie Smith

Known to be the Best Artists of her time: Bessie Smith Who was Bessie Smith ? Bessie Smith was born as Elizabeth Smith, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Growing up, Bessie would sing on street corners and find places in the south to perform. She was striving to be a blues singer. Eventually, Bessie’s performances rose her […]

Koko Taylor – The Queen of Blues

Koko Taylor – The Queen of the Blues The Blues originated from plantations in the deep south in the 19th century. It derived from African work songs, spirituals and field hollers that slaves sung as they were on the cotton and vegetable fields. As the great migration happened from the southern US to industrial cities, […]

Victoria Spivey: Black Snake Blues

Victoria Spivey: Black Snake Blues Blues is a musical genre that originated in the Deep South, such as Mississippi Delta, by the African Americans during the late 19th Century. Blues was rooted in African musical elements, work, and spiritual songs. It consists of musical instruments like a guitar, piano, and soloist singer. The blues were […]