Mamie Smith: The Queen of Blues

Mamie Smith: The Queen of Blues Introduction In the 1860s, a new sound emerged. Evolving from Black work songs, blues has its roots in secular folk music. In 1903, W.C. Handy, who dubbed himself as the “Father of the Blues”, said that this particular style of music was born from a revelation he had while […]

Women of the Blues: Bessie Smith

Women of the Blues: Bessie Smith The Blues genre did not only include black men. Black Women significantly contributed to the sound of the blues. Female blues singers used their powerful voices as a way to express themselves and relate their life experiences with other women who were in the same boat; this was a […]

Let’s Talk About The Blues

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Ma Rainey and Blues

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The Blues Behind The Blues

By Nelly Ruach Quick Run Down The Blues, like many of the genres we have learned about in this class, have followed the pattern of music that stems from Negro spirituals. With many adaptations and subcategories that can stem from this style of music, it is important to note that its origins stem from the […]

The Emotions of the Blues

What is the Blues?                The Blues is a genre of music that was generated in the deep south of the United States. This genre is a more lyrical form of music. Artists rely on their vocal ability as well as their lyrics to present their music. The Blues […]

The Blues: Women and their Impact

By Kalila Farrakhan The Blues (1860s-1960s) is a genre of music that was popular from the 1860s to the 1960s. Originating in the Mississippi Delta, the Blues was created as a release  from the everyday struggles of working black people. The  music in the blues genres is characterized with having a 12-bar song structure. The […]

Black Feminism Through Blues

Embracing a New Norm Through Blues By: Demi Browder Women in Blues African American women set the new standard of expression through music as they stood up and embraced their independence, freedom, and sexual imagery in Blues. Blues emerged during the decades following the abolition of slavery allowing for the genre to give musical expression […]