wHeRe dId jAzZ GO?

Ever since the fast-paced development in popularity of the Rock and Pop genres, Jazz has seemed to be on an equal and opposite decline. Luckily, people have begun to realize that Jazz is not being ignored, but repurposed! This is being done with the help of Genre Fusions. Nowadays, you can pretty much hear an element […]

The Unsung Hero: Melba Liston & Her Trombone

The Unsung Hero: Melba Liston & Her Trombone Written by: Mauranne Vernier Thesis Melba Liston is a name in Jazz that isn’t usually brought up. She was the first Black Women trombonist to play in big bands during the 1940s. She faced many obstacles while traveling to her path of success. However, she overcame them […]

Women swinging in full force: Swing era of Jazz

The Swing Era of Jazz Introduction Jazz was an important part of African American music in the twentieth century. Many would describe jazz as “African American classical music.” Swing is a type of jazz beginning in the 1920-s,  This post will describe what ‘swing’ is and the women in swing,  The premise of Swing Swing […]

Jazz: From Ragtime to Riches

“America’s Classical Music” or “African-American Classical Music” is what this genre has been dubbed.  Jazz is widely regarded at the pinnacle of African-American music in the twentieth century. Defined by its “hallmarks of improvisation, syncopation, a rhythmic pulse known as swing, blues feeling, and harmonic complexity”, Jazz is unlike any other African-American musical genre. Many […]

“The Prophet of Freedom” – Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman       Ralph Denard Ornette Coleman was born on March 19, 1930 in Fort Worth, TX.  Coleman married poet and activist, Jayne Cortez in 1954.  Although they were divorced in 1964, they became parents to a son Denardo Coleman who became a drummer.  Coleman became known as a leading and driving force […]