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N.W.A Influence in Society

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Rihanna – Artist Paper Bibliography

By: Autumn Johnson “Bio.” Rihanna, www.rihannanow.com/bio/. Cole, Robert. “What Genre Is Rihanna?” Celeb Answers, 6 Oct. 2020, celebanswers.com/what-genre-is-rihanna/. Davis, Arianna. “Rihanna’s Already Changed The Music

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Mary J. Blige Bibliography

Mary J. Blige Bibliography Artist Paper Sources Biography.com Editors. “Mary J. Blige Biography”.The Biography.com website. A&E Television Networks. https://www.biography.com/musician/mary-j-blige. Accessed 3 Mar. 2021 Britannica, The

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Artist Paper : Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Introduction With a music career spanning 60 years and many genres, Stevie Wonder is one of the most influential and successful songwriters and

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