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Hip- Hop Post

Hip-Hoppin All Over The World What is Hip Hop? Hip Hop emerged out of the New York Area specifically the Bronx area of New York.

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Funk Post

FUNK IT UP! An Overview of the Funk Area & Its Influence on Blackness What is Funk? Funk is unapologetically black music. It is how

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Gospel Posts

Gospel Music Old School Vs. New School Gospel music is the twentieth-century form of African American religious music that evolved in urban cities following the

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Jubilee Quartet Posts

Shout Four!-An Overview of the Capital City Four and the Jubilee Four!! Background of Jubilee Quartets The Jubilee Quartet was a more polished, sophisticated version

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Negro Spiritual Posts

Our Spirit is Invincible- A History of Negro Spirituals & How They Kept Us Sane Origin A negro spiritual is very similar to a religious

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Folk Posts

The History of Folk Music Defining Folk Music Folk music is defined as music that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in

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Intro to Ragtime Video

Intro to Ragtime Video Check out this Intro to Ragtime Video Below! Made by A’Shiah Rachel, Alix Swann, and Makenna Waller.   Video Transcript Welcome

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