All Hail the Queen… of Soul

Put Some Respect on Her Name: Aretha Franklin By: Demi Browder The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was born on March 15, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee. She grew up with a father who was a Baptist minister, and a mother who died of a heart attack when she was younger who played the piano. She […]

Aretha Franklin- Gospel Significance and Evolution

From the submissive surrender of her “Amazing Grace” to the womanly exclamations of “Respect” and other provocative hits, the late “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin is widely remembered for her significance in the gospel music genre and the gospel music foundations she learned at her father’s Baptist church, New Bethel Baptist Church (non-SBC), the Detroit […]

Black Female Connectivity Through R&B Music

Introduction R&B is a genre that has changed naturally over the years. Starting all the way back in the 1940s, R&B has had influences from many other genres and grew upon each of them to make it its own. Today’s R&B is much different than the starting songs made, but I believe we can still […]

Do You Know Your Folklore?

What Do You Truly Know About Folk Music? We’ve heard before the upbringing of the folk music genre. How it is sung by the people, and not normally recored in a studio. How no one needs to be a trained musician to take part in the song. Even after being informed of all this, what […]

Way Back When: Evolution of Gospel Music

What A Difference 30 Years Makes “How I Got Over” – Aretha Franklin (1972) “You’re Doing It All Again” – Todd Dulaney (2019) In order to fully compare and contrast the songs, first the two artists must be analyzed in relation to the time period they were prime in their music careers.  Aretha […]