Folk Music

Folk Music Thesis Folk is important because it inspired change during the Civil Rights Movement and united Americans of all races under one cause. History Folk music incorporates instruments such as the banjo, the djembe, and elements of the patting juba to create music. When you google pictures of banjo players you only see white […]

Tracy Chapman: Modern-day Folk Songtress

Tracy Chapman: Modern-day Folk Songstress Written By: Mauranne Vernier “Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It’s something I don’t feel like I really control.” – Tracy Champan Early Beginnings Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Tracy Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age, she learned to sing, […]

Folk Music Review -Kendall Jones

Black artists and musicians played a crucial role in the progression of American folk music. Originally from negro spirituals, these songs of the civil rights were commonly passed down through oral tradition. African American folk music comes largely from the musical traditions of slaves and their offspring in the south. The roots of the carefree […]

That’s All FOLKS!

That’s All FOLKS! African American Folk is… One of the many traditions African slaves held on to during the slave era was Folk music. After being stolen and forced to live in the “NEW WORLD” during the seventeenth century, they used music to express their sorrow. Through the pain, suffering, and mental torment, music became […]

How To Steal a Genre for Dummies :African American Folk Music

“Now that you have complete control of the creators (therefore knowing where it originated from), have studied the elements, and made the genre hard to express as one’s own you are on your way to effectively stealing a genre. What comes next is making a profit off of the stolen goods.”

Folk Music: The Genuine Roots of African American Culture.

The tree…What is Folk Music?  Folk music is a type of traditional and generally rural music that was originally passed down in families and other small social groups. Typically, folk music was spread through oral tradition, meaning it was learned through hearing rather than reading. Though the meaning of the term folk music varies according […]