Changing with the Times: Gospel Music Throughout History

Introduction Gospel Music has been around since 1920s and continues to be a popular genre until today. Since the start of this genre, it is shown that even though it has a very focused on spreading the message of God, there is still an influence that comes form the popular genres of the time. Through […]

Gospel: Praise Over the Time Periods

Gospel: Praise Over the Time Periods Gospel is the religious, Christian music. Much like all music over time, Gospel has changed and developed. Gospel music is significant for many, as it is both a form of music and religious expression. Gospel music began in the early 1900s and has remained a popular form of music […]

Gospel Through the Decades

1920’s God Holds The Future In His Hands by James David Vaughan          This hymn discusses even though we don’t know what the future holds but God does. The chorus reminds of this with the lyrics “God Holds the Future in His Hands, and every heart he understands”.Despite the challenges we go […]


Decades of Gospel Gospel has been around for decades.  It could be seen in different forms as well.  I thought that certain Negro spirituals could be classified now-a-days as Gospel.  Being raised in a Catholic church, Gospel music was played and sung every Sunday at church. It was never the “Black versions” so to speak. […]