Summer of Soul

AI on Summer of Soul

The Summer of Soul concert was a Black Cultural Festival in Harlem, New York, that featured various artists like Stevie Wonder, Mahalia Jackson, Nina Simone, and many others. Organized by Tony Lawrence, the concert was to celebrate black culture and music in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement. 

When asked if this concert was percieved as a “black thing”, AI made a point to say while the concert was seen as a celebration of Black identity, culutre, and set to uplift the African American community, while showcasing black musicians, it was a festival that was open to everyone. Regardless of race or ethinicity, the concert transcended racial boundaries to make it a significant in American music history. 

My Personal Opinion

In all honesty, to me, this concert was a “black thing”. It has become apparent to me that society likes to deem certain aspects of black culture and idenity as an overall “American thing”. The Summer of Soul concert is just one item on a list of instances where this occurs. While the attendance at the concert was not just limited to African Americans and the musicians were not all black, this concert was created to be a safe space and celebrate black culture and music. So, describing this concert as a “black thing”, to me, is accurate and appropriate. 

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