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Donald McKinley Glover Jr. was born on September 25th, 1983 on the Edwards Air Force Base in California, to parents Beverly and Donald Glover Sr. He is the brother of Bree Glover, a women’s basketball team member at Ole Miss, and Stephen Glover, a film writer and rapper. Donald Glover is also the father of his two sons born in June 2016, and January of 2018. Raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Glover’s mother worked as daycare worker and his father was a postal worker. He later graduated with a degree in Dramatic Writing from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Growing up, Glover was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by his parents. Much of the entertainment in his household came from the family’s religious background. It was for this reason that Glover found creative escapes through his participation in school plays and writing. He was voted “most likely to write for The Simpsons” when he was in high school, and has since then been recognized for his comedic acts and writings.

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Known as a triple threat for his abilities in acting, music, and comedy, Donald Glover has displayed a great deal of talent within these three areas since the start of his career. As he was completing his dramatic writing degree from Tisch School of the Arts, Tina Fey asked him to be a screenwriter for the TV series 30 Rock when he was just 21 yeas old. Glover then obtained his stage name of Childish Gambino from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator as began to produce more comedy writings and release singles and mixtapes. In 2011, he released his first album Camp featuring the singles “Fire Fly” and “Heartbeat”. Two years later, Glover released his second album, Because The Internet in 2013, featuring singles “3005” and “Sweatpants”. His most recent album, Awaken my Love, featured singles “Redbone and “California”. In addition to his multitude of mixtapes and EPs, Glover wrote and produced the ht TV series Atlanta, where he plays a Princeton dropout named Earnest Marks who manages his raper cousin. Donald Glover has written music featured within the film scores of critically acclaimed films such as Creed and the Rocky film series.

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Donald Glover has been nominated for over 60 different award since his multi-disciplined career began, including two American Music Awards, a BET Award, Emmy’s, and more. Following those nominations, he has won 23 of his nominations, including five Writers Guild of America Awards for 30 Rock and Atlanta, a TV Guide Award for the TV series Community, a TCA Award for Atlanta, an NAACP Image Award, a Grammy in the category Best Traditional R&B Performance for the hit single “Redbone”, two Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards for Atlanta, and many more. Glover is widely recognized for his writing and performance in TV series Atlanta and has one few awards for his three albums and featured singles. Although, he does not let that become a reason to no longer continue with music, as he is still releasing singles and is featured on the track of many other recognized musical artists.



Camp – 2011

Because The Internet – 2013

“Awaken My Love” – 2016


“Bonfire” – 2012

“Heartbeat” – 2012

“3005” – 2013

“Sweatpants” 2014

“Sober” – 2014

“Redbone” – 2016




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