Story of Jazz

Class Notes

  • Jazz is typically “upbeat” and on the swing.
  • Afro-Cuban Jazz is in connection to Congo Square.
  • Jazz roots are deeply entrenched in West Africa
  • The greatest instrument in jazz was the banjo
  • The first authentic legend was Buddy Bolden
  • Louis Armstrong is the father of jazz
  • Louis Armstrong is the father of organized solo.
  • New Orleans provided a new environment for a fresh form of art.
  • In Chicago and Detroit, Jelly Roll Morton came to perform. When other white musicians began to perform jazz, they made the first jazz record.
  • Southern black audiences were more receptive to jazz and blues. The roaring 20s was mainly “roared” by jazz.
  • Harlem became the destination for creativity.
  • The Ellington orchestra became synonymous with Black culture in Harlem
  • Mary Lou Williams became one of the first leading ladies of modern jazz.
  • Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker
Jolly Roll Morton
Mary Lou Williams

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