The Story of Jazz Notes (Pt.1)

  • Jazz used to be considered “sin music” and people who played it were looked down on
  • Representative of World culture w/ roots deep in West Africa
  • Began when African slaves were brought to New Orleans, their songs and dances of celebration planted the seeds of Jazz
  • Triangles, board, Jawbone, banjo
  • Ragtime flourished in the midwest
  • Buddy bolden→  music’s first authentic legend
  •  Louis Armstrong → father of jazz
    • The highest level of instrumental virtuosity
    • Consolidated all aspects of jazz
    • Father of organized solos 
  • New Orleans provided an environment for new and fresh art form
  • Jelly Roll Martin brought Jazz to the east, Chicago and Detroit
  • White people made 1st recorded jazz
  • Harlem was a hub for talent and nightlife
    • Ellington orchestra became synonymous with black culture in Harlem
  • Sam Wooding → took Jazz overseas to Berlin in 1924 as well as Barcelona and South America
  • Kansas Local Scene → Pete Johnson was a leader of boogie-woogie music which gained popularity in the 40’s
  • Mary Lou Williams → 1st of the leading ladies of modern jazz
  • Charlie Parker → along with Dizzy Gillespie created bop/Bebop music
  • Jazz soon became America’s most popular music (also with the help of live radio)

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