The story of Jazz doc notes By: Amaya Thompson

  • Jazz is on the upbeat
  • Jazz was a mix between European and African music
  • Ragtime predated jazz and influenced it.
  • Ragtime was an extension of jock music.
  • Buddy bolden was most known as one of the first Jazz musician
  • Buddy was a trumpet king
  • Louis Armstrong is the father of jazz trumpet and was influenced by buddy.
  • New orleans was the prime location for jazz to bloom, offered plenty of work for new musicians
  • Most jazz artists are self taught
  • Freddy keeper brought jazz to new orleans
  • The original dixieland jazz band claimed to create jazz but only white people liked them
  • Whites had a monopoly on recording studios, so black people couldnt produce.
  • Chicago was a hotbed of jazz, black people traveled there to get a better way of life
  • Louis became the greatest jazz trumpet soloist
  • Louis armstrong left chicago in 1925 to new york to join the fletcher orchestra
  • Duke gained recognition as a band leader
  • Duke Ellington’s orchestra became the harlem renaissance
  • There was a study the made jazz synonymous with promiscuity
  • Religious people did not really like or fully accept Jazz music. 
  • Ellington was to composing as armstrong was to improv
  • Ellington orchestra was one of the only bands to stay constant throughout the years
  • Duke made Jazz for multiple occasions not just dancing
  • Louis armstrong name was common in europe just as it was in new orleans
  • Jazz was traveled around the world, not just america
  • Kansas city became the hub of midwestern band activity
  • Lester played many types of blues, not just sad blues
  • Lester young introduced a new sound on tenor saxophone
  • Lex louis played a style called boogie woogie
  • Hollywood used jazz in their movies

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