Steve Lacy: The New Face of Alternative R&B

Steve Lacy: The New Face of Alternative R&B

Steve Lacy is an upcoming black artist that is changing the face of the typical R&B sound. Lacy is a talented guitarist,  singer-songwriter, and record producer. Being a proud member of the LGBT community, Steve Lacy uses his eclectic, guitar driven sound  to speak to his personal beliefs and inspire others, specifically the youth, to embrace who they are to the fullest.

Personal Life

Steve Thomas Lacy- Moya, or simply known as Steve Lacy, was born on May 23, 1998. He was raised in Compton, California by his loving mother, Valerie. Unfortunately, Steve’s father was not heavily involved in his life and at the age of 10, his father passed away. For most of his childhood Steve attended private school. He says that his mother did this in an effort to protect him and his sisters from the environment in their hometown. Steve began playing the guitar at the age of seven. His interest in the guitar was sparked by the video game, Guitar Hero. After playing Guitar Hero for a while, he decided that he wanted to pick up the real thing. Steve Lacy is very open about his identity as he openly identifies as bisexual. He has stated that he’s always had an attraction to women, but sadly, felt the need to repress his attraction to men due to strong religious beliefs. At some point in his life, he was able to take pride in who he is and is now very open about how he identifies. He’s now able to use his art to express who he is to the fullest extent.


Steve Lacy got started producing simply by making beats on his iPhone, he created some of his first songs all from his phone! Although Steve has only been in the music business for a few years, he is already knee-deep in success. In 2013, he began working on the production behind the new school, smooth R&B band, The Internet’s third studio album. Also a member of the band, Steve contributed to the production on eight of the songs of their album “Ego Death.” Outside of just producing for his band, Steve has had his hands in the production of songs for Twenty88, J.cole, Kendrick Lamar, Isaiah Rashad, and even the alternative rock band, Vampire Weekend. In 2017, Lacy co-wrote and produced Ravyn Lenae’s EP titled, “Crush.” Later in 2017 and in 2018, Steve went on to produce for and collaborate with many other artist such as, Solange, Kali Uchis, and Mac Miller. Steve is not just limited to producing for other artists, he is a singer-songwriter himself who has dropped many popular singles and recently dropped his first full album, “Apollo XXI.” This album was later nominated for Best Urban Contemporary album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Discography and Awards

  • Albums 
    • Apollo XXI (2019)
  • Extended Plays (EP)
    • Steve Lacy’s Demo (2017)
  • The Internet
    • Ego Death (2015)
    • Hive Mind (2018)
  • Collaboration Albumbs And EPs
    • Ravyn Lenae
      • Crush (2018)
    • Vampire Weekend
      • Father of the Bride 

Awards & Nominations

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