Stealing the Blues

The blues is a genre created in the Deep South and the Midwest. The blues was created by African Americans during slavery and post slavery. During the time the blues became popular many Blacks in the Deep South and midwest were impoverished even if they were employed. As a way to have a good time and to make extra money, African Americans performed the blues in clubs, storefronts, basically anywhere there was an audience.

Even though the blues were popular among blacks in the south, the blues really became popular due to European bands making covers of the blues. The European bands made much more money touring and covering the blues they stole from African Americans. Even though African Americans eventually got their credit for the blues songs that the European bands made popular in America, they definitely did not give the money they made on tour back to the rightful owners.

African Americans truly showed their creativity in the creation of the blues and the blues were born out of the struggle they faced in their life. Based on this information it angers me that whites were able to copy the songs and profit from it as if they have experienced the same trouble. Even though white people were the source of the African American struggles, whites still made money off of African Americans with no regrets. They also changed the name to Rock and Roll when it is clearly blues music. This shows that it was hard for white people to stop profiting off of the works and creativity of African Americans.

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