Souring Through Jazz: Louis Armstrong

The genre of Jazz was brought to light in the early 1920's, artist like Louis Armstrong set the tone and expectations for what all Jazz had to offer.

Louis Armstrong's Background

Louis Daniel Armstrong also known as “Satch” or “Satchmo” by family and friends was born in 1901. Armstrong was a trumpeter and vocalist who is known to be one of the most prominent and influential jazz musicians to ever live. 



Being born and raised, in New Orleans Louisiana helped to submerge Armstrong into the culture and early beginnings of the genre Jazz. Throughout the years he followed his mentor known as Joe “King” Oliver around the country but Chicago wound up being a popular hotspot for performing music. 

The Voice

Over the years Armstrong’s voice became iconic. His thick, raspy, but also engaging and fulfiling voice was easy to recognize and, was favorited across the country. It was second hand nature for him to play the trumpet whilst taking an intermission to let his voice fill a room.

The end of a an Era

Coming to the end of his musical career Louis had found himself with endless hits. Hello Dolly was awarded a Grammy in 1964 following with 9 of his other Jazz hits being placed in the Grammy Hall of Fame. 



It’s safe to say that Louis Daniel Armstrong brought his audiences together with his music and that he will always be remembered for what he as a musician and a as a black man, brought to the table. 

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