Shaolin Boys: Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan popped off with their first single “Protect Ya Neck” in the summer of 1993. 10 young men who had grown up in the Park Hill/Stapleton projects of Staten Island had found themselves enjoying overnight fame from their unique New York foundation but Asian culture influenced sound. 

The young men consisted in this group created a paradise for their families by refining their mind and keeping away from the dumb, deaf, and blind(figurative descriptions regarding mental states of complacency and ignorance). Their sound is a reflection of their experiences in life, in their neighborhoods, and just inner mental challenges that they went through. A lot of hip hop artists in this day focused on the same topics, but Wu-Tang stood out because of their incorporation of Asian culture, particularly elements of Kung Fu. 

The members of the group consist of:

Ol’ Dirty Bastard(RIP)



Method Man

Ghostface Killer


Masta Killa



Wu-Tang Clan made it possible for rap groups like ASAP Mob and Odd Future to be as successful in the industry. They set an example of brotherhood and black business in the rap industry in a way that most people deemed impossible. Many record labels said that nine members were too many people for a group. So when the labels shut them down, they created their own. They set a standard that showed young black creatives how to manage yourself when labels do not support you. Their impact has been proven through their music, their national and international legacy, and most importantly their impact in Staten Island. They were recently awarded with a street name in Park Hill, called “Wu-Tang District”. Their legacy will forever continue in rap, in their community, and in the hearts of their fans.

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