Set Me Free- Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals was one of the first genres made. It was created by slaves during slavery to symbolize their home and resistance to slavery. Religion was heavily included in their songs to help get the point across. As slaves, they did not have much to count on because they were beaten for anything they really did, if it was not what their owner told them to do. However, singing these negro spirituals gave the slaves an escape from their own world. Negro spirituals have a lot of heart and hurt in them.

Negro spirituals has been one of my favorite genres since I was little because I was raised in a church. My grandfather was a deacon and my great grandfather (his dad) before he passed, used to be the pastor of Welcome Friend Baptist Church. Growing up in this setting, you had no choice but to like negro spirituals. Something about the songs, just speak to you because they hold a deeper meaning for black people. Just as slaves, negro spirituals is what kept them in church because they had a way to express themselves; these songs did that for me too.