Sadondra Wells


My name is Sadondra Wells. I’m a junior health science major from Jefferson, Georgia (small town about 1 hour north of Atlanta). My aspirations include substance abuse prevention and becoming an emergency physician. I currently work part time at Piedmont Newnan Hospital as a medical scribe and coach cheerleading at a facility in my home town. My hobbies include watching Netflix, napping, and making money. Out of many of the fine arts courses, this one stood out to me the most. My family has a strong music background. My father and grandfathers are musicians, specifically percussionist and acoustics. My father exposed me to music and instruments as a child although it was not a hobby that followed me throughout high school. I’m most excited to learn and discuss the evolution of music while becoming a better lyrical analyzer. I hope to be able to extensively expand my playlist by the end of  the semester.


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