MUS 240 survey of African american music

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Folk Music

Folk Music Origin Folk music originated in the 19th century, when the enslaved Africans came over to the new land. It was a way to

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That’s All FOLKS!

That’s All FOLKS! African American Folk is… One of the many traditions African slaves held on to during the slave era was Folk music. After

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Songs of PPF

Negro Spirituals, also known as the music and songs that slaves used to sing as a coping mechanism. As functions, Negro Spirituals were used an

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The BLUEprint

Early Blues The blues genre of music originated in the South specifically after the Civil War.  It took place in cities like Atlanta, Memphis, and

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Intro to Ragtime Video

Intro to Ragtime Video Check out this Intro to Ragtime Video Below! Made by A’Shiah Rachel, Alix Swann, and Makenna Waller.   Video Transcript Welcome

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Jazzing It Up : Jazz Post

J A Z Z W O M E N Jazz History Jazz was rooted in Southern African American music. Many say Jazz was born

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James Brown & Funk

Who was James Brown? James Brown was an African American singer and musician. He was born in Barnwell, South Carolina on May 3, 1933. Growing

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Parliament and Funkadelic

Parlament Funkadelic History Rhythm Harmony Improvization Dancing Polyrhythm Creativity Performance Style Your Opinion History Parliment-Funkadelic (also commonly known as P-Funk) is an American funk music

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Blame it on the Boogie!

Blame it on the Boogie! The Disco Era Disco was a genre heavily associated with freedom: it was a soundtrack of resistance, laced through other

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The Last Dance

DISCO DISCO Disco became most popular and is most known for being the genre of the 70s. It is dance music meaning that it was

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Blues Review- Kendall Jones

The blues has deep roots in American history, particularly African American history. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century. African Americans had

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Blues with some Rhythm!

Can’t Escape the Rhythm & the Blues R&B is an abbreviation for Rhythm & Blues. It is blues-influenced genre name was originally created for use

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The New Sound of Soul

Soul… Etta vs. HER R&B and soul music was created to enter the minds and the hearts of people and touch their souls. Old artists

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Record Row: Who Knew?

Record Row: Who Knew? Amaia Calhoun Ten blocks of Michigan Avenue between Roosevelt and Cermak…in the 1950s to early 1970s these 10 blocks on the

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Albums and Activism

The central theme of What’s Going On and the album of the same name had the inspiration of Marvin Gaye’s life. When his brother had

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Trap Music: Group Presentation

For my group project, I presented on Trap music. Here, i have attached the link that leads you to the project. Click the title “What is Trap Music Anyways” to access the project.

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