R&B or rhythm and blues manifested in the black community during the 1940’s. It wasn’t until the 1950s that is gained exposure and was played on the radio and throughout the country. The radio can be given credit for the genres success. Record companies were amongst the first to identify the genre, which was influenced by blues and jazz, Rhythm and Blues. This term “R&B” replaced what was previously known as “Race Music”. R&B was known for its more emotional lyrics that discussed topics such as heartbreak, love, lust and more. When contemplating the evolution of R&B it is vital to appreciate artists like Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker who were amongst the first notable artists of the genre. R&B is still very prevalent today with notable artists like Daniel Cesear, Brent Faiyaz, H.E.R. and Kehlani.

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I am a huge fan of Rhythm and Blues, it is my favorite genre. I appreciate how artists put feelings and thoughts into words that I once found indescribable. I love how the genre is relatable and personable as it typically tells a story. The rhythm and blues genre is one of the greatest in my opinion because artists express themselves and sing about things that a lot of people experience and provides support to its listeners that are going through the same things.