Review on “That’s All Folk…Music”

Upon beginning to read the article regarding folk music, written by Justice Randall, I was met with the tellings of the origins of folk music. I enjoyed the mention of the African American community’s involvement in the development of music, however, I was disappointed in the ironic lack of mention of folk music. I did love how the origin composed of a build up to how African American people have inevitably inspired folk music as well. Continuing to the characteristics section of the article, I was thrilled to read the detailed summary of how folk music originated from the different instruments used during the time of enslavement. I was unaware of this information, so I found the article to be informative and interesting. The author also noted how after enslavement, the dispersal of African Americans also resulted in the spread of the popular style of music. “It is said that all contemporary American music derives from Black music” is a direct quote from the article that showcases how the author keeps a running theme throughout the article. It appears that a point was made and carried on with detail. Listing notable artists of the craft such as, Harry Bellafonte, aided in a way of providing reliability to the information being put out. 

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