Review of “That’s All FOLKS!”

Review of "That's All FOLKS!"

While reading this article I was reminded of the origin of folk music. The article defines folk music as a form of expression for African slaves. They all suffered together, therefore Folk music provided them with a sense of community. In this article I also learned that folk music was relevant in later years. The article mentions an acapella group, “Sweet Honey in the Rock”. These women sung folk music throughout their whole music career, focusing on societal issue like police brutality, gun control, and BLM movement. In fact, folk music was very prevalent during the civil rights movement, outlining the rage and sorrow African Americans faced due to inequalities. Additionally, folk music had a great impact on today’s hip hop. It is interesting to see the similarities of the the two genres. Hip Hop artist tend to focus on their endeavors while folk had the same effect. All in all, folk music was and still is a thriving and important genre.

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