Review of Negro SPIRITuals!

Review of "Negro SPIRITuals!" Post

The reading starts off by stating that Negro Spirituals are composed by slaves, these songs are a reflection of what slaves endeavored. While black people were enslaved they were only allowed to attend Christian services, in which they utilized this time to construct and perform negro spirituals to talk about the collective hardships that they shared. This article confirmed one style of singing used, which was the call and response using the song “Take Me To The Water.” One of many of the great influences of Negro Spirituals were the Jubilee Quartets. One known composer of a negro spiritual was Harry Thacker Burleigh. Since 1901, he arranged hundreds of songs such as “Deep River”. Finally, the writer ends with emphasizing that negro spirituals serve as great examples for showing what African Americans faced, even how the songs change and evolve as the circumstances differ.

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