Marian Anderson

The Marian Anderson article was very informative on the experience of black women in the music industry during segregation. Being that we sing My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord in the Glee Club, I felt a special connection to the history of the song. I had no idea who wrote the original version, let alone knowledge of Marian Anderson using it as her signature piece to end her recitals. There is always the ongoing notion of trailblazers in music who used their platform for activism, but I personally am used to seeing this with men. Seeing the article tell the story about a black woman, and the influence she had on other black women made me think of other artists who did the same thing, such as Nina Simone and even Beyoncé who has used her platform for the recognition of the HBCU culture. I always enjoy articles such as these who tell stories that I would have otherwise never heard of in high school or any ordinary music class.