Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro Spirituals emerged as a reaction to slavery.  Before even reaching America we faced so much pain and turmoil that inhuman isn’t even enough

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Marian Anderson

  The article on Marianne Anderson and black sisterhood was very insightful. Throughout the article countless examples of the aesthetics of activism were given, particularly

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Negro SPIRITuals!

Origin Negro spirituals were songs that were a reflection of what black people were going through at the time. They started with slavery. Africans were

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The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers WHO WERE THE MILLS BROTHERS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Knzwe15PY The American vocal quartet that among the most unique and influential in the history of both

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The Rise of Jubilee Quartets

The Rise of Jubilee Quartets https://youtu.be/crbQ_PU-mUo The Jubilee Quartets consist of three separate time periods: the Jubilee Period (1880-1929), the Transitional Period (1930-1945), and the

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Jubilee Quartet Post

The Impact of HBCU’s on Jubilee Quartets Jubilee quartets were an important part of 20th century African American music and held significant cultural and religious

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Irene M. Giblin

A Historic Woman of Ragtime Who is Irene M. Giblin? Born August 12, 1888, Irene M. Giblin was the oldest of six children.  From a

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The Love of Blues

The Making of Blues Blues is a musical genre created by African American people for African American people meant to express a wide range of

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Blues music was known to break down the stereotypes of Black people and play a role in the fight for justice and equality during the

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Bessie’s Blues

Bessie’s Blues Thesis Blues is an important part of African-American music because it provided an outlet for unapologetic expressions and a way to define the

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Like School On Monday…

The word Classical has strong connotations, conjuring up the art and philosophy of Ancient Greece and Rome along with their ideals of balance, proportion and

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A Classic

During the beginning stages of classical music in the African American culture, artists like Newport Gardner would get their influences from the White Europeans who

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We Classy, Too.

African Americans that were trained in classical music recieved their instruction from immigrant European musicians who settled in large metropolitan centers. The Emancipation period caused

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A Class(ical) Act

Undine Smith Moore is just one of the many African American women living in, what is traditionally, a man’s world of classical music. She was

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Classically Blind

By: Gabrielle Brim   Origins  Classical music’s early form dates back to the Medieval and Renaissance Period in Europe, where plainsong emerged.  Plainsong lacked a

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