White Methodist vs. AME

The Methodist Denomination Methodism was founded by a minister named John Wesley in the eighteenth century in England. He along with other people would meet

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Spirituals vs Hymns

Spirtuals vs Hymns Spirituals were the religious music of the African enslaves from the beginning of the 18th centenary until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865.

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Ragtime defines a performance style and practices like composing and dance. Ben Harvey claimed to be its inventor. It is a duality between oral and

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Sue Keller

Women in Ragtime: Sue Keller Born on July 7, 1952, Sue Keller is a ragtime pianist who has served as the music director of the

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James Scott

The Little Professor James Scott is a well-known ragtime composer and pianist born in Kenosha, Missouri. He started playing the piano at an early age,

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The Cakewalk

The Cakewalk https://youtu.be/yD3Ybme_cdc  The Cakewalk was originated when slaves imitated their white masters doing ballroom dance. This dance was their form of satire. The slaves

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The Blues Lifestyle

The Blues Lifestyle When thinking of blues music you instantly think of sadness, struggle, and storytelling. The sad reality of what it was like to

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The Black Classics

Origin of Classical Classical music originated in the Medieval Time Period, but Black musicians began playing and composing during enslavement with the instruction of European

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A Classic American Story

A CLASSIC AMERICAN STORY The term “classical” is used to describe music produced between 1750 and 1820, characterized by an almost obsession with structural clarity.

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