Rejoice in Negro Spirituals

Origin Spirituals was the earliest form of religious musics sung by slaves. The lyrics uniquely express their Christian values created by their social, emotional, physical

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Negro Spirituals

Origin and Influences By defintion, negro spirituals are ” the earliest form of religious music to develop among African Americans in the United States”(Burnim 50). Created during

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It’s Ragtime!

It’s Ragtime! Ragtime music was music for the people, by the people. It was widely accessible through sheet music, and was played in many Black

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Ragtime Previous Next Ragtime is popularly known for its syncopated melodies, and its derivative from jazz. The genre emerged from musicians in Mississippi and Missourui

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Ragtime: The Best Time

Ragtime: The Best Time Ragtime first developed back in the 19th century (1893-1917) in St. Louis, Missouri. It is best known for its unique syncopated

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its ragtime

ITS RAGTIME 1896-1920 Extremely popular very upbeat and was played by the average American on pianos with sheet music syncopation: left hand=easy right hand=swag Instrumental

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Riggitty Ragtime

Riggitty Ragtimeeee Ragtime became popular in 1896-1920 and originating in Mississippi & Missouri. They referenced the songs as coon songs as a racial slur against

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Jimmy Reed

Origins of the Blues The Blues was a form of music that came directly after Ragtime music. It was popular in the 20th century amongst

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Ruth Brown

Miss Rhythm! Background Ruth Brown was a famed Blues singer and songwriter with an incomparable career that played an instrumental role in shaping the Blues

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What is Classical Music?

Classical Music Classical music came about for African Americans a little bit before The Civil War. In certain slaves states lied the few classically trained

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Nathaniel Dett

Nathaniel Dett’s music and style consisted of Combined Spirituals and Art Songs as well as Folk music he was the first American composer to fuse

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