Record Row Questions

Record Row

By Naomi Moss

What were the artists of each label?

Record labels like Chess Records and Vee-Jay Records were among the most popular of the times with some of the most famous music artists. Chess Records had artists like Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Etta James, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Rodgers, and Willie Dixson. It’s Rival, Black-owned Dee-Jay Records signed artists like The Staple Singers, The Beetles, Betty Everett, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, and Lefty Bates. Some of the other record labels like Brunswick Records, Constellation Records, and One-derful had prominent musical artists. These labels had artists like Jackie Wilson, The Boswell Sisters, and the Chi-Lites.

What is Record Row?

Record Row refers to South Michigan Avenue, a street in Chicago that was an epicentre for R&B music during the mid-1900s. hey made R&B, blues, soul, and jazz records from the 1950s through the mid-1970s. Record Row gave Black people a platform to perform and enter the mainstream

Compare Record Row to other record company creations in American cities.

Record Row inspired many record companies in American cities that helped promote Black music and musicians. Like Record Row, Motown Records was created and produced by many Black musicians

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