Record Row Questions

1. What, Where, and why was "Record Row"?

Record Row was Located in Chicago during the 50s when Jim Crow laws were placed on both black and whites separating the both of them. Record Row was a record label that black people were able to make music in piece with out disturbance.  Music became most popular during this time because night clubs began to become more popular and just like any other time this was how African Americans expressed them selves and have fun.

Companies on Record Row

  • One-derful 
  • Chance 
  • King 
  • Constellation 
  • Brunswick
  • Dee-Jay
  • Okeh
  • Marvelous 
  • Mercury 
  • ABC Paramount 

Artists and their labels

Chess Records:

Muddy Waters 

Etta James 

Willie Dixson 

Dee Ray- Records

The Beetles 

Jerry Butler 

Gee Butler 

Both record companies had to different styles one more upbeat and onknown to be more groovy.

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