R&B Artist: The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 was created in Gary, Indiana with brother Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Micheal. The Jackson 5 is an extremely popular group until the present day. The group of brothers signed with Motown record in 1969. Of course the most popular of the brothers was Micheal Jackson who has had one of the top selling albums in history (Thriller). Their father Joe Jackson had the idea of starting the group in 1962 with the older brothers and it further evolved with the inclusion with all of them.

The group came to reach much success and even surpassed The Supremes as Motown’s best-selling group. In a two year period, they had seven Top 10 singles! The group began making money not only from shows and albums but merchandise. There were Jackson 5 t-shirts, stickers even coloring books that increased revenue earned by the group. In 1972 the group started to decline, Michael and Jermaine had started solo careers and the popular genre was changing to disco. In 1974 The Jackson 5 release “The Dancing Machine” which would be one of their last Motown hits. With growing frustrations with heir label, the Jackson 5 would bring their talents somewhere else. The Jackson 5 set the tone for many Boy Bands to come like New Edition and really changed the world of music. They made songs in different genres like pop, R&B, funk, and disco.



Jackie Jackson

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Tito Jackson

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Jermaine Jackson

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Marlon Jackson

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Micheal Jackson

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