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Rhythm and Blues was originated in the 1940s by African American artists and emerged in the World War II era. Originally labeled as “race music” African Americans were formally introduced to Rhythm and Blues through funk and soul. Over time the name was abbreviated to R&B to shorten the lengthy title. The rhythm part in the R&B name comes from the back beat of two and four on the snare or clap. The blues part of the name comes from the melodies and lyrics of the songs make, which releases the soulful aspect of R&B. In mostly all R&B these characteristics are present. After World War II African-Americans started to expand the role of R&B in the United States. People often look at R&B as a late-night club music and it also has a good connection to loving someone physically and the effects of love interactions within the African American people. R&B was started in the northern states of the United States in the areas of philadelphia and baltimore.

The pioneers of the R&B genre include Usher, R Kelly and Alicia Keys. These artist entice their audience by putting on a show worth listening to whether in your ear buds or live these artist have a way of linking human social connections. Songs made by R&B artist bring emotional connection to the music therefore linking this to social situations between people. For example Ushers ‘U Got it Bad’ gave a modern look at love between a woman and a man which crowds of all origins could connect to. Dancing also is linked to R&B stars due to the constant rhythm in the back beat makes it easy to dance to. Chris Brown and Beyonce are two performers who are significantly great at dancing to the R&B songs they compose. Key instruments include a snare, clap, kick, bass, and keys. R&B is related to being in your feelings because of the characteristics in holds.The characteristics of the melody make the music give off a emotional vibe, typically because the use of minor chords, soft melodies, and sweet vocals. Boyz to Men, New edition, and Trey Songz music all give off this vibe.

Examples of R&B music are linked below;


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