Scott Joplin is considered the king of ragtime because he was able to diversify ragtime and contribute to a genre of music that was segregated and he was the face of this genre. During this time period this was so important because segregation lasted way longer than this period but he opened doors for the black community.



Ragtime is a genre of music that became popular during the late 1800’s up until 1920. It is the first known genre in American music. Ragtime is also a syncopated music style the came from its earliest form Rags. Rags were sheets of music that were affordable and accessible. Scott Joplin was the first to publish Rag when it came about in 1899. In addition Jospeh Lamb and James Scott were all known to be considered “the big three ” of ragtime. Scott Joplin did not accept the new term ragtime which was created by White Americans. 


Scott Joplin was born on November 24, 1868 in Texas. His was born into of family of musicians which contributed to his successful ragtime music career. He started out as a pianist and vocalist in the Texas Medley Quartet. Scott Joplins Dad used to play the violin for plantation parties in North Carolina. While his mom used to sing and play the banjo. His mom and dad separated because his dad did not want Joplin to pursue a music career. Instead he wanted him to be apart of the hard labor system. So his dad left his mom for another woman not knowing is son was about to become really successful.

Some of Scott Joplins works and compositions were The “Maple Leaf Rag”and “School . , John Stark, sold “Maple Leaf Rag” from one penny per copy.The copies of this music was sold for one cents each. Joplins had a publisher by the name of John Stark. Joplins work became so popular because his publisher was selling so many copies. A couple of thousand copies were sold each month. 

In conclusion Scott Joplin was so impactful on the black community. His talent spread a message that Black can uphold prominent positions in society. His staple on the Black community has lasted until present day which means so much considering the milestones the Black community has had to face since slavery. 

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