Race Records

By: Leah Adams and Bria Harrell

Blues, jazz, R&B, funk, rap and hip-hop are examples of genres of Black music that formed our way of life today, yet this music developed in a verifiable setting. From the earliest starting point of the twentieth Century, African music’s rhythms and customs have dominated music, yet in the “good ‘ol days” this music was just heard in the groups where it was made. Recordings, radio and after that film and video have made Black music accessible to the world, however when these strategies for dispersion were beginning, the music was coordinated particularly to the African-American populace, and it was known as ‘Race Records’. Race Records are recordings of performance by African-American musicians produced mainly for sale to African American listeners. The term is in some cases said to have been instituted by Ralph S. Associate, who was then working for OKeh Records. It was utilized particularly from the 1920s to the 1940s to demonstrate the gathering of people for whom the accounts were expected. Utilization of the term blurred as white gatherings of people were likewise presented to blues and jazz and started to acknowledge black entertainers and to search out and buy their music.



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