Race and Music

Through evolution music has become “culturified” and “racified”. Each genre of music speaks to a specific crowd or culture and even more a specific race. The Caucasian race has their specific music genres that can be explored by their races, but it is known by society as primarily a white race song. In return the black community has their type of music as well. With black music being more hardcore with rap and trap music and hip hop in a sense it seems to fit our race more. Race and music holds a big controversy in society. The main argument is with whites and the music that they listen to. When a black person hears a white person listen to what is socially considered black music that black person is by nature shocked. The argument is further pushed to claim that that white person is trying to be black based on the music that they listen to which directly effects the white persons way of speech and their actions. Blacks see that white person as being too much by trying to be something that they aren’t, but it is okay for blacks to listen to what is socially considered white music. As a society can we really blame a white person for trying to be like this great culture we call black.

Another form of race and music is through music videos. Many artists tell stories with their videos for their music. One prime example is The Story of OJ by Jay-Z. in this music video Jay-Z talks about how no matter what happens in life good or bad for blacks, the white man will always see you as black or in Jay-Z’s terms, as a nigga. In the video Jay -Z had his character portrayed how whites would portray black people in their minstrel shows. Jay-Z pointed out how just because things are not as public as before they still exist. The white man is still making fun of, exploiting and oppressing the blacks, the only difference now is that blacks are no longer slaves. Music and Race go hand in hand and allows artists to explore so many things and portray them through their art, and as a people it is up to us to pay attention.

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