Quincy- Contributive Opulence

The netflix documentary, “Quincy” Reveals the close look into the life of the iconic musical legend- Quincy jones. Quincy Jones was a well rounded artist who worked on projects such as musical production and films. The documentary covers both his musical life, as well as its evolution, and his personal life. Songs like “it’s my party” and many of michael jackson’s greatest songs came about as the result of quincy’s work. It is i his efforts that some of the greatest music of all time was given a space to erupt onto the scene. Quincy Jones broke barriers in music that transcended that of which anyone could have imagined at the time and in doing so allowed for a cultural revolution of new sounds, new feelings, and new images to ponder upon.


In his personal life, Quincy was very much so devoted to his music and many times his family, physical health, and emotional health took 2nd place. This being stated, his desire to create proved to shine through all of his turmoils. His passion for music, taking precedence over everything else, was revealed through his actions and it was visible in his degree of success.


Quincy Jones career spanned an massive 6 decades starting at 19 he began traveling with Lionel hampton.Throughout his career, he received over 79 grammy nominations, 27 grammys, and became a grammy legend award winner as well. He began as a jazz composer and arranger and began to merge into pop and other genres later into his career. As his popularity grew he began to work on film as well – helping with the film “Banning” and “In Cold Blood”. He received humanitarian awards and became well know as one of the greatest contributors to music of all time.


Watching the evolution of music through the life of Quincy jones in this documentary gives magnification to the true opulence of all that quincy had to offer. additionally , the documentary also offers a view of the side of producing that is not often explored; the hard parts. The Quincy documentary explores his personal issues in collision with his music making as well as just how much work the industry requires. Beyond this, the film shows the tur need for passion, drive, and commitment in order to make a positive and impactful mark

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