Poetic Justice

Ivy Watkins

Dr. Johnson

MWF 2 pm

In recent times, crimes of police brutality against black people has been exposed through videography in the media. Following this exposition, little to nothing as been done to change the narrative, to protect our people, or simply punish those who do wrong against the innocent while wearing a badge and uniform. The attention has been instead placed upon thug black athletes who refuse to stand for a flag, song, and pledge that does not represent them nor protect them, but they are though to respect it. The majority, the whites, the absolute best at imitation and appropriation. In my 20 years of life, I’ve learned that our culture, our style, or sound is treasure it’s heavily sought after “oh know they love Kanye, let’s put him all in front of the store”, they continue to disrespect our people while simultaneously stealing our flow. As for me, what will I do going in to the future, I’ll continue fighting with words. Using my pen as a sword, my blood as the ink. Poetry was the like the seatbelt that saved my life, the only way I know how to be heard, is through my art.

Y’all can hear me in the back right
Loud, strong, independent woman.. She must be black right
I was told my words would sound better if my personality was less wild and more meek
If instead of choosing to yell, I choose to talk normal and just speak
They said Ivy girl, every poem doesn’t have to be about slavery you know, oppression and depression, whips and chains on the back of my ancestors leading to ultimate downfall of the entire black community
Calm down its not that deep
You’re are no Langston Hughes and surely not Martin Luther King
You’re words will not free us from the shackles and chains that we are already in slaced in
Because Ivy baby it’s not that deep
Sitting at my desk starting at a blank sheet of paper
Using my mouth as the gun, my poetry trigger
You know they said poison Ivy, she can be a silent but deadly killer

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