Summer Soul to Bebop

Bebop to Summer Soul and Summer soul to Bebop

Tell me what you see

I see black  people creating another thing and whites coming to for people that look like me 

we wanted something of our own, but like jazz, as you see, that was stolen. 

Bebop wasn’t just music; it was music for the soul 

Dizzy changed a couple of things or what we call to switch it up, and knock-knock guess who here the whites coming to dance like us.

Summer soul wasn’t just a concert. It was for the soul. 

In a time of war, migration, police brutality, and the killing of true black kings. 

You look around and see joy, black joy. 

Gleaming in the different African American genres, they created for people like you and me. 

Some had the blues, but oh, it was a happy day. Like Nina Simone said to be young gifted, and black, I guess that is why they hid it away.

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