Parliment-Funkadelic: Jesénia Jackson

The 70’s was a time of funk, creativity, and fun! During this time period, several funk bands that were created, one of which was Parliament-Funkadelic. This group, spearheaded by George Clinton, had their majority of their success in in the 1970’s and early 1980’s until disagreements between and court cases that included the members of the Parliament and Funkadelic caused the group to split.

While Parliament-Funkadelic usually performed as one band for George Clinton, the groups still released separate CD’s. Funkadelic differed from Parliament in style in that is was more “experimental and gritty” whereas Parliament was more “commercially oriented.” Additionally, Funkadelic addressed more social/political issues that Parliament. Moreover, Funkadelic pioneered the funk music culture during the 1970s and combined 60s pshycadella, blues, soul, and funk to create their music. Finally, Funkadelic influenced many artists such as Prince, Dr. Dre, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You may know one of the famous songs of Funkadelic, Flash Light.

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