[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WOZwwRH6XU[/embedyt]Pure funk, shortened as “P Funk”, is a style pionered by the well known artist George Clinton. His style of music used his lyrics to promote liberation and self determination within the black community. With inspiration from the Black Power Movement and increased support of black nationalism, he was able to combine these things with party funk to create this pure, raw, and uncut funk music. His lyrics expressed the views of the movement towards integrating society. In order to counter act integration he wanted to spread the ideas of self liberation from the socially and culturally restrictions society placed upon black people. He also supported the creation of safe social spaces in which African Americans could properly express themselves and be there pure selves, free of judgment.

As a result of this new style of music and opening of spaces to enjoy this music, songs like Flashlight (1977) & One Nation Under a New Groove (1978) were released. This songs increased celebration of black life and just blackness as a whole. Through P Funk, African American artist and supporters of the arts were not forced to adjust their identity to fit what society said they had to be. Through the creation of P Funk, blacks were able to be there authentic, funkadelic selves!


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