OTR II Concert Review

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Beyonce and Jay Z OTR II concert was an amazing concert. The opening acts and special guest include Dj Khalid, Chloe x Halle, Ludacris, CeeLo and Monica. The concert started at 7:30 pm. The giant screen and talents shown throughout this concert was unmatched. The show was about 2 and a half hours. It took place at the Mercedes- Benz Stadium.  The visual animation and technology used during the concert was something I have never seen before. Additionally, the dancers and their choreography was amazing also. 

The performance given by Beyonce was nothing but top notch. As always she rocked the stage and put on a show that made the money spent worth every penny. As usual she put emotion and shared a raw and real experiences with everyone in the stadium. Her vocals were amazing every note was perfect and quality sound. Her outfits during the concert were gorgeous and well crafted pieces. I enjoyed every moment. The performance gave by Jay Z was great as well. He rapped very well and engaged with the crowd. The crowd definitely felt his energy and rocked the show with him. He as well had great fashionable pieces. Overall, both of their performances together and apart were phenomenal. 

The opening of the concert began Beyonce and Jay Z performing ‘Holy Grail’ . As the concert went on ‘Part II ( On the Run) the couple showed and danced with each-other showing the affection and ride or die love expressed in the song. As the concert went along song after song flowed perfectly with the energy of the concert. I really enjoyed the visuals used on the huge screen. They showed many intimate and private moments of their life as well as throwbacks during performances they made the songs even better.

Overall, I will say I really enjoyed myself during this concert with me not being the biggest Beyonce  or Jay z fan I can say this was one of the top concerts of the year. I would definitely go again if I had the chance. This was a show not to miss. 

Song Set List

“Holy Grail”
“Part II (On the Run)”
“’03 Bonnie & Clyde”
“Drunk in Love”
“Irreplaceable” [interlude]
“Diva”/”Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
“On to the Next One”
“Feeling Myself”
“Top Off”
“Naughty Girl”
“Big Pimpin’”
“Run This Town”
“Baby Boy”
“You Don’t Love Me”
“Hold Up”/”Countdown”
“Sorry”/”Me, Myself & I”
“99 Problems”
“Ring the Alarm”
“Don’t Hurt Yourself”
“I Care”
“No Church in the Wild”
“Song Cry”/”Manyfacedgod”
“Family Feud”
“Upgrade U”
“Niggas in Paris”
“Beach Is Better”
“Run the World (Girls)”
“Public Service Announcement”
“The Story of O.J.”
“Show Me What You Got”
“Crazy in Love”
“U Don’t Know”
“Perfect Duet”
“Young Forever”

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