One Page Wisdom – Jada Mitchell

Race in this country has always been a topic of rights and equality. When I think about music I think of all the success and failures black musicians have had along the way. This country has long since built everything in labor on the backs of those who are mistreated the most. When you are black in america you are not one thing. There’s a melting pot in our culture that includes all races and that is why our hair textures are unique and our skin varies in shades.

Music has been a place where blacks have been accepted into society more while putting on a show for white masses and gaining approval in a way that barely moves us forward as they only let us get as far as they want us to. As many have discussed in their music, we will still be the people they hate to see and they will continue to take our culture and give us no credit. We have to make it clear that our culture is for us by us and we are not giving it out for others to steal and make their own.

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