One Page Wisdom – Mya Gibbs

Racism has had a significant impact on me throughout my life. As I have grown, I have become more aware of its effects on my life. When I was younger, I went to a predominantly white elementary, middle, and high school. Being the only black student in most of my classes would be frustrating at times, but part of my personality was just to not say anything as racist events would occur. People would doubt my abilities since I was a black girl in a class full of white boys. I would offer solutions to problems and get ignored, but then five minutes later the  white boy would come to the same conclusion as me and then everyone would be on board. 

Coming to Spelman was sort of a relieve from the racism I experienced throughout grade school. I felt as if my campus was a space where I could be myself and be guarded from the racism outside of the gates. I also knew that once I left the gates again, that world would come back. In Jay-Z’s song “Story of OJ,” he explained that no matter what status you obtained, you were still a “nigga.” I can relate to this, because although I’ve successfully made it through three years in college, when I leave these gates, I’m still a “nigga.” Currently, I am studying to be an architectural engineer, and in order to influence and educate the black community, I hope to be able to design a community for people to get back on their feet and educate themselves so they can join the workforce. 

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