One-derful Records


One-derful Records is a black owned independent record company that was founded by George Leaner in 1962. George and his brother Ernie Leaner were two well known producers from Mississippi. George launched the company after Mickinley Mitchell gave him a demo. The company featured many outstanding artists like Otis Clay, Five Du-Tones, The Sharpees, and Betty Everett. One-derful records mainly focused on blues, soul, and R&B, until  the company dissolved in 1968. 

Otis Clay

Otis Clay is an American R&B and soul singer from Mississippi. He started off singing in Gospel groups in Chicago, in 1965 he signed with One-derful records. He became one of the best blues singer, which led to his induction into the blues hall of fame in 2013.


1966, “I’m Satisfied” / “I Testify ”

1967, “That’s How It Is (When You’re In Love)”  

1967, “A Lasting Love” 

1972, “Trying To Live My Life Without You

The Five Du-Tones

An American soul vocal group that originated in St. Louis, Missouri. The group comprised Willie Guest, Robert Hopkins, LeRoy Joyce, Oscar Watson and James West. The group recorded nine records with One-derful records, with their most famous hit “Shake a Tail Feather”. This famous hit was covered by many artists like Tina Turner and featured in the play “Hairspray”.


1963, “Shake a Tail Feather” / “Divorce Court”

1964, “The Gouster” / “Monkey See-Monkey Do”

1965,  “The Woodbine Twine” / “We Want More”

1965, “Sweet Lips” / “Let Me Love You”

Betty Everett

Betty Everett  is an American soul singer and pianist from Greenwood, Mississippi. Everett moved to Chicago to start a career in secular music, her biggest hit was “Shoop Shoop Song” which reached #1 on the Cash Box R&B chart.


1962, “I’ll Be There” / “Your Love Is Important To Me”

1962, “I’ve Got A Claim On You”

1963, “Please Love Me”

The Sharpees

A soul and R&B group that originated in St. Louis, Missouri. The Sharpees signed in 1965 and their first single “Do the 45″ reached #40 on the cash box R&B chart. The group was made up of Benny Sharp,”Bell Boy” Carter on drums, “Butter Cup” on saxophone, Mike Crowder on bass guitar, and Oliver Thomas on piano.


1965,  “Do the 45”/”Make Up Your Mind” 

1965,  “Tired of Being Lonely”/”Just To Please You” 

1966, “I’ve Got A Secret”/”Make Up Your Mind”

1966, “The Sock”/”My Girl Jean”

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