Techno Techno music originated in Detroit in the 1980s. Techno music was influenced by house music from Chicago. Techno was created by three men: Juan

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Disco by Olivia Tomlinson

Disco by Olivia Tomlinson Disco was the primary music genre in the 1960s.  Disco got its name from discotheque’s, the dance oriented clubs that would

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Gospel by Olivia Tomlinson

Gospel by Olivia Tomlinson The origin of black gospel finds it roots within negro spirituals. Gospel began to rise in the 1930s.  Thomas Dorsey, known

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Jazz Olivia Tomlinson

Black Intellectualism & Jazz During the 1920s, there was a boom in black artistry and intellectualism.  The Harlem Renaissance inspired black artists and thinkers to

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Ragtime by Olivia Tomlinson

Ragtime by Olivia Tomlinson Ragtime began around 1896 and continued up until the 1920s, where it was replaced by jazz.  Ragtime introduced uptempo syncopated beats,

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Blues by Olivia Tomlinson

How the Blues was Therapeutic for Black People by Olivia Tomlinson The blues was a secular music created in the early 20th century.  Prior to

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Folk Music by Olivia Tomlinson

Review of Folk Music by Olivia Tomlinson Folk music was originally created by African Americans, despite the stereotypical ties it has to whites/rednecks.  It was

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