Old School Vs. New School Hiphop/Rap Point vs. CounterPoint – Tiana Worrell and Alana Bufford

Old School

Old School vs New School rap is a popular comparison made. Old school rap is known was the early hip-hop that emerged during the 1970s. Old School rap is seen as a rap that focus typically on having a poetic style, rhythm, lyric themes and instrumental sound accompanying. It also has a lot of crowd participation and call and response elements along with a AABBCC rhyme scheme. 

Old School Music and Popular Artists


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Big Daddy Kane

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Funkmaster Flex

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New School

New School rap is rap after 1985 that is technology driven hip-hop where MCs rap stylistically and lyrically diverse. New School rap is expansion of old school rap with new elements. It is a more lyrical and diverse and is characterized with a AABB rhyme scheme.

New School Music and Popular Artists

Kendrick Lamar

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J Cole 

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