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Nylah Moore, Student

Spelman College C/0 2022

I am a Sociology and Anthropology Major on the pre-law track with aspirations of a career in foreign policy. I enrolled in Survey of American American Music because I was intrigued with the history our ancestors left behind in music. Studying genres from jubilee quartet to hip-hop and R&B, this class has taught me a lot,  while also being fun at the same time. I’ve gotten the opportunity to foster new relationships with my fellow Spelman sisters and explore some of my favorite artist. 

I am definitely leaving confident that I am now a Black Music Scholar ! 

You Will Feel Educated  Proud Like A Scholar Ready To Take This Class

Isley Brothers

Isley Previous Next The Isley Brothers were a blues and rock band who began their career in the late 1950’s, and reached peaks in the

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Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets Previous Next Jubilee Quartets gave us exactly what their name says they will. These groups consisted of four members,each singing in a different

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Musical Theater

https://youtu.be/-JoKlDMYACQ Theater Previous Next Musical Theater has a main goal of adding an additional complexity in the way in which entertainment is delivered to an

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Techno Music

House Music Previous Next Techno, electronic dance music originated in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980’s and gained popularity globally in the 1990’s. Techno is said

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Previous Next Disco made an appearance in the 1970’s but was not originally recognized in mainstream media. The genre got its name from the 1960’s

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Ragtime Previous Next Ragtime is popularly known for its syncopated melodies, and its derivative from jazz. The genre emerged from musicians in Mississippi and Missourui

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Wipe your tears,don’t get the Previous Next Once again we created it ! Blues was birthed in the south in the early 19th century, not

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Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson Previous Next I honestly could not stop reading this well-written article by Alisha Jones titled “Lift Every Voice..”. Jones captivated my attention with

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Oh Lord, You Are the Gospel Previous Next When we think of gospel as we know it as African Americans we think of Kirk Franklin

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Jazzy Jazz Jazz Previous Next Like many other genres, jazz was birthed from the African American community and in result, lead to the influence of

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Negro Spirtuals

Negro Spirtuals Black churches for many years have served as a place for inspiration for the black community, rooting back to the years of slavery

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Music Previous Next My reading of choice was “Folk Music: Songs of the Struggle” by Jasmine Jenkins. In her article, Jenkins successfully begun her text

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