For centuries, music has brought African American communities together. The origins of African American music can be traced all the way back to slavery. Music was used as an outlet to express emotions like pain, happiness, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, and etc. This brought communities together because the music allowed people to relate to each other. Another example of how music has brought communities together is through rituals, religious reasons, funerals, and even weddings. Different forms of sounds, such as clapping, stomping, screaming, singing, and instruments are used to create and perform music. That, I believe, is why it brings communities together since it can take a group of people to make a particular sound. Additionally, music is so creative that it can be made with one’s own created words. Slaves, for example, would make music with hidden meanings by combining English with self-created phrases unknown to other cultures. Furthermore, African American music differed from European music because of the use of instruments. Europeans viewed the music as eccentric because of the use of stomping and screaming to portray instruments. Finally, Call and Response and Repetitive Tone are the two most frequent musical structures in African American music. These techniques were utilized in rituals and are still used in music today, such as rap, to engage the community.