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Soul Soul music is a genre of music that is timeless and is still evolving today. Originating in the about the early 1960s, Soul takes

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Fusion Jazz

Jazz Fusion Jazz Fusion is a genre of music that combined jazz with other genres of music. Some also call it psychedelic jazz. Other genres

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Gospel Gospel music is one of the most recognizable genres of music within African-American cultures. The genre has strong roots in our history and the

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RagTime Rag Time is a musical genre that has been the soundtrack of the mid-1890s within the United States. The music is known for it

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Musical Theater

Black Musical Theater Blackbirds of 1926: Florence Mills Johnny Hudgins and chorus girls rehearse on roof of London pavilion Chocolate kiddies Chorus Girls 1925 Black

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Techno Techno is a genre that started in Detroit in the 1980’s. It is similar to disco with it’s fast tempo, but it brought in

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Disco Disco is a popular genre that was a big part of the nightclub scene during the 1970s. It first appeared in the late 1960s

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Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals by Nina Lee Negro Sprituals is one of the first genres recorded as being accredited to African-Americans. This music can be traced back

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Blues(1930s to 1940s) by Nina Lee The Genre of Blues came from Negro Spirituals and Folk music. This genre can be considered another step away

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Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets by Nina Lee Jubilee quartets can be thought of taking the keeping the spirit from negro spirituals but giving it a modern-day flair

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Folk Music Article Critique

“The History of Folk Music” Article Critique by Nina Lee The article I will be reviewing is that of  A’Shiah titled “The History of Folk

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